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About H.E.R.O. Association

H.E.R.O. was started in 2009 to mentor and inspire at-risk youth, victims of violence, service men and women, and anyone seeking empowerment and confidence. We provide scholarships for martial arts training, community workshops and seminars, and much more.

H.E.R.O. stands for Helping Everyone to Respect Others. We began by offering scholarships to the ACMMA for students that had an interest or need for martial arts and self-defense training but were unable to afford the tuition. From there we began conducting Self Defense Workshops for colleges, churches, scouts groups, Mom's clubs, and more. We have now expanded our mission to include promoting others who are doing great things in our community.


Our Heritage


The H.E.R.O. Association was formed to allow at-risk and disadvantaged youth to participate in martial arts training and self-defense/anti-bullying classes. For the past decade, the programs have continued to expand to serve veterans, the elderly, special needs populations, and PTSD sufferers.  We believe that creating curriculum that empowers and inspires will best serve our communities and our ever expanding mission.

Our Founders


The association was formed by Master Rick Dye and Jennifer Dye on November 24, 2009.  Both accomplished martial artists, they witnessed first-hand the ability of physical and mental training to improve the lives of their class participants. They wanted to find a way to deliver these benefits to those in need outside of the dojo, and thus H.E.R.O. was born.

Our Facilities


H.E.R.O. is housed at the American Colleges of Mixed Martial Arts in Kent.  The programs can be delivered in many different venues, however. Past offerings have been held in universities, corporate offices, churches and schools.

Our Volunteers


H.E.R.O. relies on an all-volunteer staff. Instructors are certified Black Belts, veterans, former or current police or military, and from many diverse backgrounds. The only prerequisite is a desire to empower, motivate and inspire others.  Specific skills are added with each new volunteer, and we are proud of the richness and depth of experience our instructors offer.

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