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How You Can Support H.E.R.O.

We understand that there are many great causes out there. If you choose to support the H.E.R.O. Association we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so.  You may make a One-Time Gift, a Monthly Donation, or you may prefer to donate your time as one of our valued volunteers.  If you'd like to select a specific child for the Scholarship Fund, or if you prefer to donate products or services, please contact Master Rick Dye directly.

One-time Gift


To make a One-Time Cash Contribution of any amount, please click the link above and you will be directed to our payment portal.  You will receive a receipt for tax purposes and our sincere gratitude.

Monthly Contribution


If you choose to donate to the H.E.R.O. Association on an ongoing basis, you make pledge a monthly gift of any amount.  Please click the link above and follow the prompts. Thank you for your support!

Volunteer Your Time


Volunteers are welcome in any capacity.  We need help with administration, teaching, event planning, and more.  If you have a specific skill you would like to add to our talent pool, please contact us and we will happily put you to work!  Please note that all volunteers will need to complete a background and reference check.

In-Kind Donations


Donations of products or services are greatly appreciated.  For specific guidelines, please contact Master Rick Dye and your tax professional.  A receipt will be provided.

We Are Here For You


If you are seeking a scholarship, workshop or other assistance, 


​Call us now to speak
to someone directly
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